Dr. Sean Conley

Dr. Conley is a seasoned global leader who has spearheaded projects across diverse regions, including Japan, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and the U.S. His academic career includes impactful contributions to institutions such as Marlboro College Graduate School, The New School University, the School for International Training's Graduate Institute, and Tokyo Joggakan College. Having served in various leadership roles, including program chair, department chair, dean, and institutional chief learning officer, Dr. Conley brings a wealth of experience.

As a consultant, Dr. Conley specializes in cultivating collaborative learning strategies for navigating dynamic environments. His consulting portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, from steering an NGO board in governance and strategic planning assessments to designing instructional coaching programs for teacher supervisors for a ministry of education. Dr. Conley is licensed as an NBI Thinking Preferences practitioner, employing this tool to discern individual and team thinking preferences. Furthermore, he serves as a Trainer of Trainers for Results-Based Accountability (RBI), a methodology instrumental in crafting concrete performance metrics for mission-based organizations.

Dr. Conley's work extends globally, with numerous workshops and plenary presentations delivered to teachers, nonprofit and mission-driven organizations, professional associations, governments, and businesses. His expertise has been broadly recognized, including an invitation to speak at Google’s Think Tank on Education.

Beyond his role with the Institute for Collaborative Learning, Dr. Conley contributes as an affiliated faculty member for the School for International Training. He also serves as a facilitator for the MindKind Institute, where he collaborated on a project with the World Bank, and partnering with AIM to impact school districts in California and New York. Dr. Conley's dedication to fostering collaborative learning and driving positive change resonates across borders and disciplines.