Dr. Lyron Andrews 

Dr. Andrews’ technology career spans three decades. His roles included network manager New York City Department of Education, BMG Direct senior director of IT, and BNY Mellon dean of technology. His doctoral research at Teachers College Columbia found that critical thinking skills thrive in environments that are supportive of five essential elements in the mind of a critical thinker. He teaches cyber security. He has integrated technology management with teaching at Columbia University and other institutions in 30 countries. Other activities include: Google K-12 Think Tank adviser facilitating design thinking sessions at Google campuses in Texas, New York, and California. Manages leadership training and organizational transformation. Co-authored two (ISC)2 certification publications: CISSP/CCSP. Works with Suffolk County Deputy Commissioner Mention-Lewis and court judge Camacho in reducing prisoner recidivism. Facilitates transformational storytelling and design thinking sessions addressing social-cultural barriers and workplace integration issues.