Why choose the SIT TESOL certificate?

Professional value: World Learning, the School for International Training and the Institute for Collaborative learning have a solid international presence, strong communities of practice and are well known for offering practical, transformative, and skill-based programs that serve the needs of educators around the world. Designed to impart the essential principles and skills of SIT´s prestigious Masters in TESOL, the course is taught by SIT-trained professionals and is continually assessed to uphold those standards.

Individual attention: Our course sizes vary from 5-24 participants but there will always be a 6:1 participant trainer ratio so that you have receive thoughtful, heartfelt individual attention with feedback that is specific to you and your individual needs. Trainers are deeply committed to ensuring that every participant is respected, supported, and successful.

International connection: Upon finishing the course you will be part of a larger community of graduates of the TESOL Certificate course as well as graduates of other World Learning programs.

Pedagogical integrity: Our facilitators walk their talk. They will put the theory we are teaching into practice so that you can learn both through your experience as well as through reading, videos, conversations and reflection. We encourage participants to teach active, learner-centered, skill-based classes—and that´s the way we design and teach our classes as well. Our facilitators are also constantly learning and evolving as well and they bring their own individual learning to our group context.

Lifelong learning: Our course is designed to not only give you practical tools for immediate use in the classroom but also to plant seeds in both the frameworks and the philosophies that we are teaching and the reflective practice that we are using. Teaching is a demanding, constantly changing profession, and the SIT focus on experiential learning and reflective practice prepares you to adapt and experiment, wherever your professional journey takes you.

Who takes the SIT TESOL course? What are the admissions requirements?

Our youngest participant was 17 years old, our oldest so far, was 74. We have had participants who new to teaching and want to see if this fits them, participants who are currently teaching and want to enhance their work, participants who want to take a break from their career or change careers and participants who want to prepare for retirement.

Participants must have a high school degree and show a capacity for college-level education including a good understanding of the English language and solid writing skills.

All applicants must submit an application along with a one-page essay. Multilingual speakers whose first language is not English must have a minimum TOEFL score of 600 on the written test or 250 on the computerized version, an IELTS Band 7.0 or higher, or a CEF C1. Multilingual speakers whose first language is not English must also have a second interview to ensure their listening/speaking skills are adequate to take the course and to teach English.

All participants must show a willingness to plan and teach in groups and to work reflectively.

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What can I do with the SIT TESOL Certificate Course?

Why choose the Institute for Collaborative Learning?

Who are the instructors for the TESOL Certificate Course?

All of our instructors have more than 10 years of teaching experience in a variety of contexts. All have taken the 600-hour training to become a trainer and hold a special license to teach the SIT TESOL Certificate. Most have master's or doctorate degrees and we are passionate about learning and teaching!

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