Institute for Collaborative Learning

Learning-driven change for organizational & individual transformation

In times of change learners inherit the earth, 

while others find themselves equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

–Eric Hoffer

Welcome to the Institute for Collaborative Learning, a place where we recognize the shared challenge we're all facing in today's complex world. Whether you’re a company, a school or university, or a non-profit organization, we’re all striving to be more adaptive, strategic, effective, human, and equitable in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. 

Employee training, leadership coaching, and new strategic plans are all tools that can help, but a shift in thinking is often essential. Organizations are human systems full of potential. Positive change may require first letting go of the idea that they operate like machines, embracing the courage to say no to the status quo, and wholeheartedly saying yes to examining and rethinking some of our deepest assumptions.

As a consulting cooperative, the Institute for Collaborative Learning draws from the skills and knowledge of a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural team of professionals with the breadth of experience and knowledge needed to spark new questions and insights. We take a learning-centered approach to organizational change.

We offer: 

Workshops & Training

Leadership Development & Coaching

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Executive Coaching & Strategic Advising

We are proud to have worked with large and small organizations worldwide, and we'd like to work with you. To learn more or for an initial consultation, contact us at