Dr. Khosrow Farahbakhsh

Khosrow is a former professor of environmental engineering and sustainable design from Canada who is presently residing in Costa Rica. A founder of the Society for Ecological Education and Development, Khosrow provides workshops and internships on sustainable design, environmental management, sustainable building, and water-food-energy nexus, among others. His research has focused on sustainable management of resources, energy from waste, integrated waste management, sustainable water and wastewater design, systems approach, climate change adaptation, pollution prevention, appropriate technologies, rainwater harvesting, graywater rescue, cleaner production, knowledge translation and transfer, and complex adaptive systems. Khosrow has conducted extensive work with indigenous people of Canada in decolonization of design and decision-making, and community-driven and participatory research and development. In 2010, he was a special consultant to NASA's Water Sustainability Forum. He has published widely on sustainable resource management and has been highlighted by international media, including Discovery Channel and CNN.