Institute Fellows

Senior Fellows

Training & Consulting Fellows

Dr. Roger Ramirez

Costa Rica / USA

Laura Zalazar

Argentina / Costa Rica

Nicolas Cardenas Tamburini

Chile / Costa Rica

Anabel Camacho

Dominican Republic

Karlans Camacho

Dominican Republic

Ivan Suazo


Gledis Libert

Dominican Republic

Rachel Farahbakhsh

USA / Costa Rica

Dr. Khosrow Farahbakhsh

Canada / Costa Rica

Dr. Home H. C. Nguyen

USA / Vietnam

*We refer to our staff and consultants as "fellows" in acknowledgement of the significant professional learning they bring to their work. Note that the etymology of the word "fellow" is not gendered, and is best understood as one who joins together with, as in "a fellow-traveler." Our consultants are very much fellow travelers in the goal of collaborative learning.